From the Basics to Golf Putters

Golf finally had a comeback in the 2016 Summer Olympics. Why did it lose steam? Well, critics argue that golf is more of a game than a sport as its very nature. So, although it falls somewhere between the definition of a sport and of a game, it fits more on the latter. They also say that it shouldn’t be called a sport because it doesn’t require much physical activity and that non-athletic people can participate in it professionally, citing it only as a form of recreation.

The playing area of the ball and club sport is usually a large piece of land covered in putting green, with either nine or 18 holes in which the player has to shoot the ball from the tee box –a place where the player must stand and swing his club.Each hole has its tee box arranged in a specific way and the path leading to the hole can have a specific form of terrain other than the putting green– be it the rough, the fairway, and the hazards.

Golf PuttersThe enthusiasts have the liberty to choose obstacles to be placed in the course in order to make their game a bit more challenging and to develop their techniques, even. Golf has two methods of playing: stroke play and the match play. Stroke play is when the player who has the lowest number of stroke wins, while match play is a system that merits a player when he outperforms his opponent for each hole. The former is the commonly used scoring system.

To date, 38% of Americans consider themselves fans of the said sport. It has grown to a $76 billion industry in the United States, with around 25 million players.However, not everyone is privileged to participate in professional golf; it is not called the rich man’s sport for nothing as the equipment used in golf is expensive, let alone the membership fee.

Golf courses are usually situated in country clubs, which require a person to be a member in order to access its facilities. Adding to the cost of having a place to play golf are the services like hiring a driver for the golf cart(as the playing area covers a great distance)and buying the necessary equipment. The equipment isn’t only for those who are up to improving their skills, techniques, and performance. Because the game of golf demands accuracy, even the beginners need to have the right tools in order to actually play the sport.

There are several equipment needed as players need to have a different approach for each hole. When aiming to win the match, a person should consider what kind of ball he must use and what types of clubs are needed for every hole. Usually, a standard player brings with him a driver, a minimum of 3 irons, and a golf putter. The hybrids,sand and lob wedges, and longer irons are optional, but they might come in handy.

Since the standard playing area is the putting green, the equipment with the most number of variations in the market would be the putter, as it is the only type of club allowed on the green. Golf putters are used to shoot a ball from a short distance because it allows a golfer to make low-speed strokes. Putters are available in a wide array of designs, sizes, shapes, lie angles, weights, and lengths. The mallet, blades, heel and toe are among the popular styles of golf putters.

The most basic putters are more or less priced at a hundred dollars and the pricey ones can cost up to a staggering six-digit amount each. Some of the customized ones are pegged at one to few million dollars.

In spite of the golf putters exorbitant price tag,they would always be worth shedding bucks for, especially to the golf enthusiasts who are up for different kinds of challenges in the course. Golfers heavily depend on their putters,as a correctly fitted one would increase their chance of beating their opponent by helping them improve their putting – one of the most important aspect, if not the most important, of golf. An ill-fitted one would cost a player his chance of winning because it would place him in a situation in which he has very little control over the distance and the direction he wants the ball to travel. Flaws in strokes may even suggest an ill-fitted putter.

However, if a golfer struggles with his putting, his choice of golf putters is not the only culprit. A good set-up position would be achieved by placing the putter in the correct length and lie angle measurement. Choosing a correct set-up position, however, is difficult for most beginners. But one should not worry when experiencing difficulties putting, because even some professionals share the same struggle.

Like other sports, practice and having an excellent trainer is key to achieving great performance. There are putting instructors to assist a golfer in determining the correct measurement of the putter, as well as teaching and improving techniques that should be applied in order to master the sport.

Simple Steps in Starting Your Career as a Motivational Speaker

Inspiring others by encouraging them to find hope and live their dreams is a worthwhile life goal. If you think that being a motivational speaker is your calling, remember to always follow your instinct. Still, being a motivational speaker does not require any fancy degree and impressive work history. The only requirement is what you have to say to change someone’s life.

1. Be a specialist in your field

What happened now to the previous statement about motivational speakers not requiring any fancy degree or work history? Before you get intimidated with the word “specialist”, it’s important to first define its meaning in this context. A specialist is a person who dedicates himself to a particular subject matter. This can manifest in different areas such as work, academic background, and life experiences.

A motivational-speaker-success may be someone with advanced knowledge in academics or in a particular field. His experience and training enable him to encourage the audience to follow the same passion, give them helpful advice, and support their visions. A millionaire entrepreneur with a strong background in business management can inspire the audience in taking education and trainings to succeed.

Motivational speakerOn the other hand, some motivational speakers may not have the same qualifications but their life stories are solid sources of lessons. These speakers draw mainly on how they went through and eventually surpassed the hurdles in life. A suicide survivor can motivate people to bring depression to light.

2. Improve your public speaking skills

Public speaking starts mainly with confidence, organized thoughts, power to persuade and proper body language. Although this is something that can be trained, public speaking is often enhanced through experience. Doing it again and again will surely make someone a better speaker. Therefore, it is best to start speaking in local events before moving on to a bigger audience. In time, your presentation skills will also be developed and you can create a style that best fits you.

If you want to bump up your credibility as a speaker, you can attend certification programs. You can start signing up for programs that train you in public speaking and leadership courses.

3. Work on your goal

Your goal is to become a motivational speaker so start working towards that goal. As you attend public speaking events in your local area, you gain listeners as well as experience. The experienced you are, the more persuasive you become. In effect, people will more likely to listen to you speak.

You can choose to either join an organization or arrange your own speaking events. Working for yourself may be difficult but it is also rewarding. Keep in mind though that you will be handling everything from organizing your own seminar, self-branding strategies, paying for the venue and processing fees.

Some speakers find it more convenient to just join an agency or an organization that will coordinate events and speakers. The more agencies you have, the better your chances to get more speaking opportunities. One great advantage of this for the speaker is that he can concentrate most of his attention to creating persuasive and effective speeches.

4. Market yourself

Most of motivational speakers do not only inspire people through public speaking, they also get their names out in writing. Yes, publishing your speeches through blogs and books is a great way to market yourself. A motivational speaker usually gets attention through published works first before getting invited to speak in different events. That’s not always the case, though. Sometimes, a speaker gets loyal listeners first and then he publishes books. This way, he can easily sell his book because he has already built his own niche.

By following those four steps as you begin your career, success should soon be within reach.

Considerations in Placing Online Orders for Your Graduation Sash

Graduation Sash

A customized graduation sash is one of the ways through which you can celebrate your academic achievements for the past few years. In customizing your academic stole, you have to consider the shades that your university or your school uses. Also, your affiliations such as academic organizations, fraternities, or sororities should be taken into consideration in your choice of stole color and design.

Here are some of the things you have to keep in mind when ordering your stole online:

  • Specify your graduation date.

Informing the company regarding this specific date can help them ensure that you can claim your academic stoles on time. Ideally, you should place your orders for the graduation stoles with at least two to three weeks of lead time. This specific period typically does not include the shipping time yet. Placing your order within this period can help you avoid rush charges. In the long run, this can help save you a lot of money. This can also save you from a lot of headaches and stress while worrying about whether your stole will be delivered in time for your graduation.

  • Select the color of the graduation sash that you like.

You should take the time to browse through the list of available colors that the company can offer for your academic sash. Some companies offer certain shades depending on the type of ends that you will specify for your stoles. You must indicate these details when you place your orders to prevent delays.

  • Choose the color of the thread.

If you require embroidery or special stitching, you need to specify the thread color as well.  The colors of embroidered elements are usually in contrast with the color of the stoles to make the design more prominent.  The stitching on the edges, on the other hand, is usually the same as the color of the stole.

  • Select the type of academic sash.

There are three main types of sashes that most of stole companies make. These are the stoles with the X-long pointed ends, sashes with the conventional pointed ends, and those with fringed ends. On average, these cost somewhere between $14 and $18. The size of the stole can also determine the overall price of the product.

  • Choose the customized text font that will be most appropriate for the situation.

Most of the companies will create the text using block letters unless you specify otherwise. You should also indicate the orientation of the text. That is, you need to specify if it will be in horizontal or vertical with respect to the graduation stole.

There are numerous custom options that you may want to consider to make your graduation sash stand out among the rest. As for the text, you are not really required to fill in the entire space for both sides of your academic stole.

  • Finally, submit your order for the customized graduation stoles.

Indicate the quantity of academic stoles that you intend to order from the online company through the online form.  If all the other pieces of details for your graduation stole are the same, you may simply submit all the names of the people who want to place their orders along with the email that you will send to the company.

You have to check your online order form for accuracy concerns before you hit the “submit” button. Also, you have to make sure that all the selections have been added in your shopping cart.

If you have questions on how stole companies customize the graduation sash, feel free to contact them through their official websites or through their listed phone numbers.  Most of them are available during office hours for at least five items a week.